Abortion Recovery
All calls are kept confidential (866) 967-HOPE

"Going through post-abortion counseling is the best thing that could have happened to me. I couldn't have had a better blessing in my life."-Lori

Other Healing Stories

"My sense of self worth has returned to me as well as the freedom to live my life." -Carol
"I found safety and the ability to discuss something deeply personal and very painful." -Linda
"I now understand what forgiveness is. God will renew you mind and your life if you ask him and let him. The group gave me my life back."-Courtney
"My greatest gain from this group was being set free from my shame."-Lisa
"This group gave me closure while offering me the opportunity to face my guilt."-Carlos

"Everyone was very comforting and I was able to express my feelings." –Nicolette

This program was - in a word - transformational.  In twenty years, I had never faced or dealt with my grief.  For women that regret their decision or made it in virtual isolation and ignorance like me; this program can truly be a life altering experience.  I was able to release the unforgiveness that plagued me and to quit sabotaging myself and my relationships.  I am free of emotional confusion and have been blessed with a kind of peace and clarity that I have never known. 

Thank you so much for everything that you have given me.  It's only been a few months since group ended and I feel like a new person.  Every one of you has made such a difference in my life